Top BDS Colleges In Bangalore

About BDS Course: BDS is one of the most popular and designated degree of dentists (doctors). The BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) is the only educational and professional programme of dental surgery in India. It is equivalent to the MBBS and owes the “Dr” domain. In the medical educational field, it is the second choice […]

List Of Top MBBS Colleges in Bangalore

About MBBS Course: MBBS Course – MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) is an under-graduate level professional degree programme which allows participants to practice medicine and surgery. The MBBS Course duration is of five and half years including a one-year mandatory internship programme. The MBBS Course is conducted under semester system where students […]

Admission in Bachelor Of Physiotherapy Colleges in Bangalore [BPT Course]

About Bachelor Of Physiotherapy [BPT] A physiotherapist rehabilitates patients by helping them improve their physical movement. They treat people who are injured or disabled in order to recover full function and movement. It’s both cure and prevention focused, and requires in-depth anatomical and musculoskeletal knowledge. Therapy usually covers: Exercise Massage Stretching Medication He is an instructor in […]

Admission in Aerospace Engineering Colleges In Bangalore

About Aerospace Engineering: Aerospace engineering deals with designing and building machines that fly. It is one of the newest branches of engineering, and began in the 19th century with the first experiments in powered flight. As technology progressed, two specialities emerged; aeronautical engineering, which involves designing aircraft such as powered lighter-than-air craft, gliders, fixed-wing air-planes […]

Admission In Biotechnology Engineering Colleges In Bangalore

About Biotechnology Engineering: Biotechnology engineering is the study, research and development of bio-organism, micro-organism and cell functions in living beings. The course combines engineering with other subjects like chemistry, genetics, bio-chemistry and microbiology. Biotechnology covers different fields of work like agriculture, disease research, eco-conservation, fertilizers, vaccines, energy production and animal husbandry. The programme focuses on […]

Admission in Chemical Engineering Colleges in Bangalore

Admission in Chemical Engineering Colleges in Bangalore About Chemical Engineering: Firstly, chemical engineers are in great demand because of a large number of industries that depend on the synthesis and processing of chemicals and materials. Secondly, in addition to traditional careers in the chemical, energy and oil industries, chemical engineers enjoy increasing opportunities in biotechnology, […]